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I am a self-taught-autodidact artist and music composer born inBarcelona in 1967 living in Co. Mayo, Ireland.  I’ve been working as an artist since the earlyage of 14 years old. I had a very nomadic life both growing up and as an adult,moving from town to town and changing two times country and language in myadulthood.

My earliest work dates from 1984; I painted mostlyabstract colourful faces, monstrous creatures with never-ending physicalsuffering, saints and sinners in purgatory, good and evil,visions of hell andexorcised creatures on the last judgment.

My first solo exhibitions were a mix of installationscombined with my paintings and other art disciplines like music, performance, soundscapes and S8- film projections. Also, local emerging artists were invited to collaborated on the projects and produce mostly  performances or music.  Like in  1992 multimedia exhibitions: ‘’Ocean’s Project’’ and‘’Symbols & Macronutrient Signs’’.

From 1990 to 1994 I travelled to the Netherlands regularly and Iexhibited some work at the Jester Art Gallery and ABC Art Gallery, also livedfor a 4 months period in Amsterdam sharing the house with American photographer George Bedell 

From 1994 to 1998 I moved to Co. Galway, Ireland and Iworked for an international theatre company called MACNAS. I had alsomy first solo exhibition at the Logan Art Gallery called: ‘’Just Another Artistfrom Barcelona’’. 

In 1998 I moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2005-2016. In 2005 I became a member of theprestigious North Holland Artist Association: De Boterhal, in Hoorn. TheNetherlands, representing North Holland artists.

From 2006-20013  I workedregularly in Paris exhibiting my work at the Salon d’ autumne (2008) and 2 times a year at the OpenWorkshops  (Portes Ouvertes  du 13’eme and 5’emearrondisement) invited by  architect,writer and Gustave Eiffel’ s biographer Gilbert Cordier

Also, I collaborated with Spanish writer and filmdirector Fernando Arrabal and created 2  home made musical art books projects and createdsome musical compositions using his voice and poetry: ’’Fractals’’ about Benoit Mandelbrot Fractals and Clitomania based on Arrabal's poem Clitoris  Also, I published forthe first time my music score on the Spanish literature magazine ‘’El Perro Blanco’’ and collaborated in a booktribute to Fernando. Arrabal : Arrabal 80 with a musical scored called  L’ Infant Epileptique a piece  for piano and orchestra.

In 2013, I made the music for the acclaimed documentaryabout Spanish world champion boxer: ‘’ El Boxeador Perico Fernández ’’.

In 2016 I moved back to  Co. Mayo, Ireland.


My Work

Spirituality and nature are the subjects that inspiresme to create and be creative. I am what they call a ‘’modern hermit’’

From 1998 to 2002 I began a serious research onGraffiti photographing throw ups, tags and graffities made around in Amsterdam and stuying all the graffiti made in Europe and in the US.

The visual forms inside the letters were very inspiring, resembling the glasswindows of  churches and the encirclingwork of the letters  resembled to Cubism; the explosion of colours radiant and blending together, cartoon, Manga characters,bubbles, three dimensional lettering and original background textures inspiredme.

My art began to explore Graffiti like a biomorphicallyabstraction of life,visual poetry in an urban space and the unification of nature,geography and climate. My organic forms and shapes were in constant evolution,a term used to describe the change in any form of life that is observed. Istablished the rule that I will only use sphere, circles and bubble shapes inmy paintings. The work was spatial, cosmic, dimensional with no straight lineslimiting the space.

In 2018 I resumed my artwork again after a period of 3 years of inactivity. I had a big volume of unfinished workawaiting to be finish but I decided to take a different path and artisticevolution incorporating straight lines and architectural shapes into my newwork. There is still a dimensional use of the space, but geometry dominates thecompositions creating a science fiction story, a fantasy tale. I use vibrantcolours to disturb the mind of the spectator. I want my colours look violent,hostile, dimensional; I want them to scream and explode in people’s minds, Iwant my paintings to be physically invasive, loud. I made use of unpopularcolours like pink, which is consider weak and girly.

 I am alsoexperimenting with fluorescent paint, paintings that glow either in the dark orwith a UV black light. I want people to experience art in a different way,paintings under a UV black light look completely different. With the use ofglow in the dark paint, the painting keeps living after you turn off the lights,is like the soul or aura of a person, invisible to the eye but irradiatingconstantly energy.

I've been also researching the astrophysicist  Koryo Miura’s paper folding  .Istarted folding my paintings which  creates geometrical shapes when unfolded and I use magnets to attach the painting to a canvas surface. The whole idea offolding my work is to be able to bring my artwork folded in my pockets or in myjacket and be able to display and exhibit it anywhere without framing.



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